Guest Blogging

I am currently seeking a few guest posts for my blog. Please share your idea and content for a guest post to be published on my blog,

Content should be practical ideas, tips for educators can be personal experiences with some advice, or something current related to a recent trend or topic of discussion in education. Some possible ideas are blended learning, assessments, PBL, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, SEL, trauma-informed teaching.

Guest posts should be between 600-900 words, include properly cited images with permissions. Include hyperlinks to any resources or any information that would be helpful to the reader.

Your blog post may be selected for publishing on my blog site. I will contact you once I have read it if I have questions and to verify any information.
Please share a Google document with me that has editing/commenting permissions. Include a title and your name, role, location, Twitter handle and any hashtags that you would like to be included in social postings.
I reserve the right to make edits and use only a portion of the blog post. I may add comments asking for an additional example, or clarification.

Complete the form:
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Thank you!