Here are a few testimonials from some of my current and former clients.

“I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Rachelle in a range of capacities during my time at Buncee, which was acquired by Capstone.

Rachelle’s unique combination of classroom teaching, technical aptitude, and education administration-level experiences make her such a strong asset to collaborate with. She has provided my team with helpful and actionable guidance in a myriad of ways. I highly recommend partnering with her to support and advance your team’s direction.” Eda Gimenez, Director of Digital Product Management at Capstone

“Rachelle Dené Poth is a delightful, inspiring, and tireless advocate for leveraging the power of technology to improve the classroom experience for teachers and students. Rachelle is a widely recognized EdTech influencer whose knowledge and reach of social marketing have been extremely helpful to our team at LessonLoop.” Nona Ullman, CEO of LessonLoop and President of Improve, LLC

“We worked with Rachelle to help build our brand with teachers in the K-12 education sector. Rachelle’s passion is EdTech. She works very hard to keep up with the latest technology in the sector. Our company, NoteAffect was a startup and just beginning work in this sector and we wanted to get some awareness and have Educators alpha test the product. Rachelle started by helping us gain some interest in our product through a social media campaign. We immediately gained followers. We also did a book signing with Rachelle at our booth during ISTE and it was the only time during the event that our booth was totally full.
I enjoyed working with Rachelle. She was a help in getting NoteAffect in Educators’ hands to alpha test the product and give us feedback so that we could finish formulating the product it has become today. I would recommend Rachelle if you are looking to build your brand.” Jay Tokosch, CEO, Entrepreneur

“I recently worked with Rachelle for social media outreach and getter her unique perspective on our product Elementari.

What sets Rachelle aside from other educational consultants who have approached me in the past was her friendly personality, generosity, and passion for education. You feel that she is not just doing things for the paycheck. If she works with you, that means she really hopes that you can succeed. As a tiny company of two, Rachelle understands our growing pains and went beyond to be there for us. She was always available for questions and brought new ideas to the table. She clearly communicates, and is a true professional – in fact there were many times I would drop the ball and she would send me an email reminder.

I greatly enjoyed my experience working with Rachelle and look forward to doing so again in the future. Nicole Li, CoFounder of Elementari, digital storytelling and coding

“Working with Rachelle Dené Poth allowed us to extend our message to educators in ways that we weren’t able to do ourselves. She was able to create conversations and interest around x2VOL as a valuable resource for students through her digital marketing, social media, and podcasts.” Michele Pitman, CEO, and Founder of x2VOL

“Rachelle Dené Poth is easy to work with, extremely collaborative, and highly communicative. Working with her on a targeted social media campaign aimed at educators allowed us to reach new audiences through creative means. I am excited to work with her again!” Nicole Darling Director of Marketing, intelliVOL, maker of x2VOL

“Rachelle is a great Marketing Communications partner to have. In addition to her outstanding writing and editing skills, Rachelle is an awesome social media community manager. Not only has she helped us develop and create our blog content, but she also successfully helped us reach and engage our target audience through her disciplined and organized social media management. Rachelle is professional, collaborative, reliable, and always ready to leverage her extensive network of writers and influencers to further promote our brand. She is wonderful to work with, and I am pleased to recommend her.” Ed Khoukaz, Co-Founder of Class Composer

“Rachelle is incredible! She helped us tremendously to improve our marketing and brand awareness efforts. Engaging with Rachelle was one of the best decisions we’ve made as a company to get our story out to a wider audience. From the very beginning of our engagement, it was clear she was dedicated, talented, friendly, and flexible. If you are looking for someone to help you build your brand, stop looking. Rachelle is the best!” Mike Cronley, CEO and Co-Founder of Class Composer

“I have had the pleasure of interacting with Rachelle over several separate consulting phases, and each time have been extremely impressed by her energy, expertise, positive perspective, lightning-quick response time to any communications, loyalty, authenticity, and work ethic. She was able to market our product to a wide and product-targeted market while also helping us create a marketing plan to continue to reach our audience. I wish that I could figure out how Rachelle manages to accomplish all that she does while still maintaining a calm, professional, responsive, and friendly persona. I’m grateful to have had the honor of working with her, hold her in the highest regard, and highly recommend her. Carolyn Gabriel, Advisor for JabuMind LLC

“Rachelle is an innovative and dedicated educator who leads with passion and expertise!

I had the pleasure of working with her on a webinar focused on community building and activation with a special focus on accessibility; she took the lead in both hosting it and managing the social media promotion with great success. Her blog post on the “why” of this work was fantastic, taking a positive approach to this important subject.

Overall, I highly recommend Rachelle – a truly brilliant professional who delivers with humour, deep subject knowledge, and authenticity. Thank you!! Jon Neale, Former VP of Education for Mote

“I have had the great opportunity to collaborate and work with Rachelle as both a classroom educator and now as an edtech solution provider. Rachelle is highly regarded among edtech influencers for her work as a conference presenter. I have seen first-hand her ability to engage and educate diverse audience attendees while delivering presentations that are not only informative but also entertaining. In my opinion, her presentations are always well-researched, thoughtfully structured, a contain a focus on providing attendees with practical insights and actionable takeaways.

Rachelle has a natural ability to connect with her audience based on her vast experiences as an educator. She has a warm, presentation style that puts attendees at ease and encourages active participation. This makes her presentations impactful and worthwhile.

Overall, I highly recommend Rachelle Dené Poth as a conference presenter. Whether you’re looking to learn about a new subject or gain fresh perspectives on an existing one, you can count on Rachelle to deliver a quality workshop. presentation. lecture or round-table discussion that is sure to leave a lasting impression.” Sheryl Place, Educational Technology Specialist at BookWidgets

“Working with Rachelle is always a pleasure! Rachelle is exceptional in her ability to draw a crowd and boost our message and the value that our edtech company brings to educators, schools, and districts.

Rachelle is a very hard worker, always receptive to new ideas, and has earned herself an engaged audience to which we’ve had the pleasure of spreading our message to. Thanks for everything, Rachelle! Eric do Couto, Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Spaces EDU

“I have worked with Rachelle for advice on use cases in practical classroom settings. She has unique practical experience in AR and VR use as an accomplished educator and consultant. She is very conversant with various emerging technologies and their use for education.” Sushmita Chatterjee, Entrepreneur, STEM Advocate, CEO, and Founder of Learnroll Immerse Technologies (VR/XR)

“Rachelle is a wealth of knowledge and an engaging speaker, and presenter, and has the ability to identify and showcase great tools for educators to utilize in their classroom. She’s a practitioner that uses her unique background to highlight what works and what doesn’t work in education.” Carl Hooker, Consultant, Speaker, Author, Evangelist

I had the pleasure of working with Rachelle, a teacher passionate about bringing emergent technologies such as AI to her classrooms. Besides being able to see AutoAuto through her authentic lens and learning with her how to better convey its value, she is what anyone would wish for to bring emergent learning opportunities to students. Her strategies to turn students into self-learners are definitely what I hope to see more so that more students can have opportunities to be prepared for tomorrow. Joyce Rigelo, Co-Founder and COO Master AI

“We absolutely love working with Rachelle!

Rachelle’s intimate knowledge of the education landscape, deep understanding of the wants and needs of teachers, and relationships built around the edtech ecosystem are unmatched. She is an education innovation expert in every sense of the word.” Zak Ringelstein, CEO and Founder of Zigazoo

“Rachelle is a wonderful presenter on edtech and learning. When I reached out to ask her to serve as a panelist for K-8 Educators, her experience as a Spanish & STEAM Emerging Technologies Teacher was exactly what we needed to host a successful webinar for teachers. At that time, she was President of the ISTE Teacher Education Network & MLN Communications Chair, through which I originally contacted her. Her tireless work in this PLN is what allowed me to find all the speakers that I needed for that panel and for others that we hosted. Her skill and knowledge are valuable, and she is generous with her time and insight, hosting Clubhouse meets for educators on an almost daily basis. Rachelle is a RARE find.” Michelle Wendt, Tech Integration Specialist, Stockton University

“Rachelle Dené Poth is a professional educational technologist and teacher. I first met her as an applicant to our Master’s Degree Program in Instructional Technology. She brought a level of expertise that enhanced our program and provided her with the necessary credentials to further her professional experience.

I visited one of her STEAM open house events and was amazed at how she motivated her students to integrate technology into her Spanish curriculum. She prepared her students well and they were able to articulate that integration.

Since Rene graduated from our Program, I often recommended newer students contact her to gain her insight. They all reported back to me how knowledgeable and generous with her time she was to them.

I read her blog frequently and I am amazed at how she continues to learn new technologies and instructional technology strategies. Dr. David Carbonara, retired professor, Duquesne University

“We’ve joined our hands on several projects, and Rachelle is one of the best 🌞 🙏. She is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with and is willing to put in that extra help whenever you need it. Her expertise in the EdTech industry is extensive, and it helped our team come up with more efficient solutions for different projects. Her contribution is valuable to the side, and I highly recommend Rachelle and would love to work with her again. 🤩🤝 Jatin Sharma, Global Business Strategist, and Growth Consultant, AI World School

“Rachelle is every educator’s friend because she is relentlessly knowledgeable to vet good ideas and genuinely willing to help promote the good ones. I’ve had the pleasure of working together with her for a couple of years; Rachelle is always full of optimism and fresh ideas. And she does what she says.” Ilya Zeldin, CEO and Founder of 2gnōMe