Conferences and Presentations


I am in my fourth year of teaching a course that I have created in STEAM called What’s nExT? In Emerging Technology. During this course, I teach 8th-grade students about topics including digital citizenship, digital storytelling, game-based learning, gamification, coding, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, podcasting, video creation, and creating multi-media presentations. In the course, students create their own AR and VR environments using some of these augmented and virtual reality tools.
I have presented different sessions on Blended Learning and Digital Tools for Assessment and for promoting student choice. In 2019, I presented at ASCD, FETC, PETE&C, ISTE, PSMLA, TCEA and TRETC. During these conferences, the presentations focused on a variety of digital tools for digital storytelling, assessments, collaboration and communication tools, PBL and Blended Learning. I also do presentations and keynotes on artificial intelligence, the future of education and work, and augmented and virtual reality.


Augmented and Virtual Reality Presentations

I also co-presented several workshops with Jaime Donally at FETC on AR/VR in Edu, Digital Storytelling with AR, AR and VR Playground, Breakout EDU Techno VR Style, Living in 360 with Virtual Reality, Going Global, Game Maker, App Smashing, participated with the Teacher Education Network for a session on “Top 10 tech tools for new teachers” and the Teacher Education Network playground, discussing how to build a PLN. I have presented sessions on using AR/VR in the Classroom and I presented at the Innovation Station at PETE&C on the topic of AR, VR, and 360s.
At ST4T (Superior Tech For Teachers) Conference, Summer Spark Conference and ISTE 2018, I presented sessions on AR/VR and how to immerse students in learning, how to create with AR/VR in any content area and level. I will be presenting on this topic at iNACOL in October 2018.

Blended Learning


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iNACOL: February 2018

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