Conferences and Presentations

Contact me about professional development sessions for your school, PLC or individual coaching. Training is available in-person and virtually on a variety of topics. 


I am in my sixth year of teaching a course that I have created in STEAM called What’s nExT? In Emerging Technology. During this course, I teach 8th-grade students about topics including digital citizenship, digital storytelling, game-based learning, gamification, coding, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, podcasting, video creation, and creating multi-media presentations. In the course, students create their own AR and VR environments using some of these augmented and virtual reality tools.
I have presented different sessions on Blended Learning and Digital Tools for Assessment and for promoting student choice.I presented at ASCD, BETT FETC, PETE&C, ISTE, PSMLA, TCEA and TRETC. During these conferences, the presentations focused on a variety of digital tools for digital storytelling, assessments, collaboration and communication tools, PBL and Blended Learning. I also do presentations and keynotes on artificial intelligence, the future of education and work, and augmented and virtual reality.



Augmented and Virtual Reality Presentations

I also co-present workshops with Jaime Donallyon AR/VR in Edu, Digital Storytelling with AR, AR and VR Playground, Breakout EDU Techno VR Style, Living in 360 with Virtual Reality, Going Global, Game Maker, App Smashing,

I present regularly on using AR/VR in the classroom and getting started with artificial intelligence and  STEM in the classroom.


Blended Learning

Going Global with Project-Based Learning

How to Become a Connected Educator

Transform Learning with Nearpod

Creative, Productive and Personalized Classrooms