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The following are presentations and workshops that I  have designed over the years of presenting at local, state and national conferences as well as have adapted to webinar formats. The information provided here is as a guide, sessions can be adjusted depending on the content area, grade level or a specific focus for Professional Development. These are my own creations and may not be copied without permission.

Longer descriptions and details available upon  request.

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Some prior presentation topics


Chart a New Course: Teaching Essential Skills

Creating a Classroom Community

Foster Connectedness and SEL

Learn, Lead and Grow Together

Immerse Students in Learning

Break Traditions in Instruction

Create Chaos to Reenergize Classrooms

Create Unreal Learning Experiences

Place Students in the Lead

Create, Communicate, Collaborate and Innovate

Connect Learners Globally

Create Flexible and uNconventional Learning Spaces

Empower Students in Learning  

Know how to Build Relationships and Classroom Culture

Become Accessible and Empowering Educators

Teaching each student: Stations and Flexible Learning


Keynotes: STEAM and What it means in Classrooms Today, and Student Engagement

The Power of Connecting

The Impact of Our Stories

Lessons That One  Kid Taught Us


Ignite Presentations: Globally connecting, STEAM and learning adventures


I can provide hour-long or 90-minute sessions or half/full full-day workshops on the following topics. Focus can be on any content level and grade area. I can also provide a webinar on each of these topics as well. Please contact me for scheduling and for quotes for sessions.

Titles and Brief Descriptions

These are workshops and sessions that can be of varying lengths, 30 minutes to 3 hours or designed as part of a one or two day PD  training. Agreements are available and can be modified to meet your specific needs for PD. Please email me with any questions.

Chart A New Course: Teaching Essential Skills for Tomorrow’s World
Developing skills for collaboration is a critical component for our students’ future. As we think about the importance of SEL and not only its role in education, but for the future, we must be intentional about providing students with more authentic and innovative learning experiences. Explore versatile ideas and digital tools for helping students to navigate in the digital world while building the vital SEL and communication skills they need now and for their future.

Emerging Tech: Transforming Classrooms with AR, VR, and AI

Curious about the implications of artificial intelligence and AR/VR for the future of learning? Learn how these tools can help engage and empower students in learning through opportunities to create and explore like never before. For anyone looking to start using these tools in the classroom or for remote learning, I am excited to share our steps and make the implementation easier for others. Join in and walk away with new ideas for using AI, AR and VR “in” your classroom.

Promoting SEL in the classroom

What are some of the ways that we can help students to foster peer collaborations in the classroom and build SEL skills that will prepare them for their future? Learn about simple strategies, benefits for students and the impact on learning. This session will share ideas for creating a flexible, student-driven learning environment, where students build their confidence, relationships and collaborate on a learning adventure. I will share some of the most versatile tools and methods that are beneficial for anywhere learning and help students to develop the skills they need to be successful now and in the future while also developing essential SEL skills. 

Creating and Leading a Culture of Innovation

Preparing students with the essential skills for the future requires all educators to create a culture for learning to spark curiosity and innovation. Finding ways to bring digital learning and innovation to schools can be challenging. Explore methods and tools that will empower teachers to provide students with opportunities for risk-taking, ?while developing essential SEL skills and student agency. What are the implications of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented, virtual, and mixed reality for the future of learning and work? What methods and tech-enhanced experiences will equip students with the necessary skills to succeed in any learning or work environment?

Go Rogue: Creating chaos to re-energize your classroom!
It is time to take some risks! The session will share ideas for creating a flexible, student-driven learning environment, where students build confidence, relationships and collaborate in a learning adventure. 

​Immerse Students in Learning: Bring AR and VR Into Your Classroom!*

The session will provide an introduction to Augmented, Mixed and Virtual reality, quick ways to get started with AR and VR and the benefits of creating more engaging learning experiences for students. Learn how to move from exploring AR and VR to creating and the benefits for student learning. See live demos and brainstorm ideas in a fun session!

Unreal Learning Experiences: Exploring and Storytelling in AR and VR
Learn how the integration of AR and VR can serve to engage learners, inspire creativity and curiosity. Transform instruction, create innovative, immersive learning experiences, and have students tell stories using these tools. 

How do we prepare our students and ourselves for the future of work?

We need to create different learning experiences for our students, and this means that we need to break away from what may be the traditional forms of assessments and activities we are using and instead, try new ideas, resources, and even find ways to empower students to take more of a lead with the content we are teaching. Let’s talk about educational experiences that will best prepare our students for the future!

Bringing Computer Science to Every Classroom

Everyone can code! Learn about online learning tools with wide applicability to different grade levels and content areas, that will help students to build their coding skills. Walk away with digital tools and resources for planning meaningful learning activities to prepare students with essential coding skills!

Let’s Talk: Tools to Promote Confidence, Communication, and Collaboration
It can be challenging to encourage students to feel comfortable sharing ideas, feelings, and opinions.  Let’s share ideas for how to best provide for students, by exploring multiple ways to get them talking and collaborating in and out of the classroom.

Putting students in the lead

Looking for ideas to empower students more and to enable you to step aside and put them in the lead? This session will share many ideas for creating a blended learning environment as well as show different tools that can be used to expand the ways that students learn and most importantly, give students the opportunity to drive their learning. 

Create, Communicate, Collaborate, Innovate

The session will focus on four areas to enhance instruction: Creation, Communication, Collaboration, and Innovation. See what is possible when we empower students with choice and voice in learning.

Best tools for assessing students and finding out what they know and can do

Learn about several innovative and creative ways to assess students at various stages of learning using diverse tools, applicable to any level or area of education.  Teachers can quickly gauge student understanding, determine what students are thinking, have them reflect on their progress, develop collaborative discussions or even just take a survey for class interests or fun polls. 

Flipping Classroom: Trading Spaces and Places

We’ve heard of Flipped Learning in the traditional sense, but how about Flipping the Classroom by Trading Places with Students? The session will show ways to provide flipped learning experiences, enable students to learn beyond the classroom setting through digital tools and also empower students to become the teachers and use these tools to lead lessons and drive their learning.

Globally Connecting through Project-Based Learning

The session will show the positive impact of PBL for amplifying student learning and globally connecting students. Learn how to connect globally, to enable students to truly experience authentic, inquiry-based learning. Involve students in real-world learning by teaching about the SDGs and building global awareness. 

The Quick Start Essentials for Going Global with PBL in your classroom
 The session will show the positive impact of PBL for amplifying student learning and globally connecting students.  Learn how we connected globally, to create authentic, inquiry-based learning experiences through meaningful real-world connections.

Creative, Productive and Personalized Classrooms

We need to empower students to drive their learning and make more decisions in the classroom. The session will share many ideas for creating a blended learning environment as well as show different tools that can be used to expand the ways that students learn and most importantly give students the opportunity to drive their learning. 

Empower students to share their story

Students need to be comfortable telling their story and some of the ways to do this are through the use of blogging, vlogging, and podcasting.  Let’s talk about the benefits of each of these formats for promoting authentic student learning, and for helping students to become more confident in sharing their story. 

Infographics: Beyond posters, 25 creative uses for the classroom

Finding the best ways to convey information, to provide opportunities for students to be creative, and to become more engaged in learning, can present challenges at times. We want to offer choices for students and to support students as they become the creators in the classroom offer more than just a way to display information. Let’s use Infographics! Educators can use them to teach lessons, flip a classroom and promote visual learning. We’ll explore at least three tools and walk away with more than 25 new ideas for how to empower students as creators!

Create a Learning Journey with Nearpod 

Discover how to create immersive, interactive learning journeys with Nearpod. Explore resources for creating engaging lessons that expand the boundaries of your classroom, all with one multi-purpose tool. Learn many ways to use Nearpod to promote student-driven learning and provide diverse resources for students all in one place. Learn how to use Nearpod for providing PD, for creating engaging and immersive lessons for students, all with one multi-purpose tool.It is a multi-purpose tool that can help educators provide enriching learning opportunities for students, as well as for students to create their own lessons and expand their knowledge and global awareness. Walk away with lessons to use tomorrow!

Power of a PLN: Learn, Lead and Grow Together
Where does one go to become “connected?”  We will explore the different ways to become more connected and get started with building PLN. Let’s talk about the power of PLN for learning and growing together!


Also have sessions available on:

Specific Digital Tool types: Assessments, Project Based Learning, Interactive Lessons, Blogging, Storytelling

Computer Science for K-12 (Coding and Computational Thinking)

Mentoring and PLCs

Engaging Families in Student Learning

Social Media for Professional Growth



Social Media and Marketing Outreach Programs

How to build your Brand


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“Rachelle Dene Poth wears many hats and is an author, educator, attorney and is a is very competent instructional technology advisor & consultant. She helped our Virtual Reality Platform with our outreach with educators using blogs, social media and provide the valuable feedback on the practical use of the emerging technology in classroom-based setting.

“Rachelle’s wide-ranging experience as a STEAM teacher to leading ISTE PLN program, evaluating and analyzing tech for current & future use makes her a very valuable asset for those looking to bring in new technologies or thought leadership for future technologies suited for learning and training through her books or services.”

“She is extremely dedicated to her work – whether it is for a small startup or a large organization.”

We absolutely love working with Rachelle!
Rachelle’s intimate knowledge of the education landscape, deep understanding of the wants and needs of teachers, and relationships built around the edtech ecosystem are unmatched. She is an education innovation expert in every sense of the word.