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Let All Things Take Their Course

Guest post via Dan Wolfe Becoming The Change  Self-Management  

“Let your mind wander in the pure and simple. Be one with the infinite. Let all things take their course.”

-Chuanng Tzu

Often times we want to be in control of everything: our thoughts, dreams, and desires. However as Chuanng Tzu points out in today’s quote sometimes it’s okay to let go of our thoughts and let our minds wander. As they say, nature has a way of letting all things take their course. By no means is this an easy task because for most of us it is very difficult to have our brains shut off, even when we go to sleep. We just need to remind ourselves that it is ok to do so. It isn’t like we relinquish control we will never get it back. We will. Sometimes all we need to do is just step back and let things ride as it pertains to our minds. It is a good way to recharge ourselves too.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

A Centered Life
Becoming The Change Self-Awareness
“A centered life is one that is grounded in your core values rather than changing based on the most recent trend, compliment, or outside expectation.”

-Dr. Thema Bryant

If you heard the phrase “a centered life” what comes to mind? Someone that is focused? Someone who is locked in on their lives? Self-aware? All of these would be correct. As Dr. Thema Bryant points out in today’s quote a centered life means we are grounded. In other words, we don’t let our hopes and dreams lose sight of what is right in front of us. It serves as a sort of reality check. She mentions core values. This is your moral fiber essentially. It is the hill you are willing to die on for what it is you believe in and stand for.

When we are grounded in these core values no amount of persuasion such as keeping up with Joneses, what someone says about you (whether it is positive or negative), or even beyond the realm of what it is possible can sway your thinking. Why? Because you are focused on the here and now and understand if things don’t align with your own core values then it isn’t worth your attention in the first place.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message toward improving your self-awareness?

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