The past week

This past week  MEDIUM

I love the fact that there is always something to be learned, every day, from anyone. New experiences, new takes on something, new perspectives, learning takes many forms. This past week has been no exception. With the start of #21stedchat last week and learning about Medium straight through the end of the week, I learned many different tools and concepts for use in my classroom.

It is exciting to have the opportunity to share this with my students and colleagues. I am thankful for all of the interactions I have with family, friends, my PLN and all who I come in contact with each day. Without these people, I would not have the same inspiration and motivation I have for continuing my learning journey. I am excited for new learning opportunities this week and for trying some new web tools and ideas with my students and getting their feedback. And I look forward to some time over the break to catch up with family and friends and to spend time working with these new great ideas I have learned from my Twitter friends, colleagues and students.

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