My #OneWord for 2022: Purpose

Guest post by Barbara Bray

My #OneWord2022 is Purpose - Barbara Bray

2022 looks like it will continue to unfold the uncertainty we have been living through with the pandemic and rethink how we are handling what is going on in our lives. I saw this Google ad on the review of 2021 that made me think about what we’ve been through and still find ways to be stronger together. Here is the description from Google:

“In a year that continued to test many, the world searched “how to heal” more than ever. Whether they’re taking care of mental health, honoring a loved one, or reuniting with family, people are finding ways to come back stronger than before.” Explore more trends from the year at

We need to consider in 2022 what is happening to our kids, schools, and teachers.  Mental Health is a real issue. I’ve heard from teachers around the world that times are tough and that they are struggling. Too many teachers and school staff are stressed, depressed, and leaving the profession. 


Everyone needs a purpose and to feel they are living a meaningful life with a reason to get out of bed each morning. Educators went into the profession even though they knew they would be paid less than other professions. Teachers work hard and want to make a difference in children’s lives. They believe each child is unique, amazing, and can learn. When teachers are not supported for the awesome work they do, they feel conflicted about their purpose. 

Think about the teacher that made a difference in your life. Have you thanked them lately?

What can we do to bring value to the profession? Where would all of us be without our teachers? 

When teachers leave, kids are confused. When a teacher or principal who really cared for the students leaves or is told to leave, kids talk about it with each other and get angry and sad. If class sizes grow during the pandemic, the kids and teachers trying to manage are overwhelmed. Kids are having more symptoms of depression with the stress about falling behind and missing out on what it means to be a kid. When we continue to live with chaos and uncertainty, it takes a toll on all of us, especially our kids. It is difficult for us to live our own lives when the stress is huge and has an impact on our lives. 

2022 is going to be the year we need to learn to listen deeply to each other and to each of our stories. This will be the year we learn WHY empathy matters and WHY we need to listen to understand, not to reply. We need to listen more than ever before.  I reviewed my #OneWords for the past 3 years:

2021: Stories
2020: Gratitude
2019: Possibilities

I’ve been focusing on the WHY for some time. That’s why I wrote, “Define Your Why.”  I get how important PURPOSE is for us now. It made me realize that my #OneWord for 2022 had to be PURPOSE.

I believe that if we focus on our PURPOSE of why we are here, we can…

♥ listen deeply to understand the other person and their story
♥ build a community of learners who care about each other
♥ create a culture of kindness, love, and joy, and
♥ bring us together in a world where all of us have hope for the future by living meaningful lives.

About the author

Barbara Bray

Barbara Bray is a Creative Learning Strategist and owner/founder of Computer Strategies, LLC with its divisions, Rethinking Learning and My eCoach ( where she shares her resources, stories, and more about learning and life. Barbara is the host of the Rethinking Learning Podcast where she has conversations on learning and reflections with inspirational educators, thought leaders, and influencers! She is the co-author of Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning. Barbara is the author is Define Your WHY that is all about owning your story so you live and learn on purpose.

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