Parent Communication App: Consolidating Your District’s Communication Silos

In collaboration with Bloomz

Throughout the past twenty years, educators have relied on a variety of tools to communicate with families. In addition to tools used by educators, each school has a variety of ways to communicate. They can use robocalls & mass notification systems in school districts, send emails, distribute blogs, post on a school website, implement branded apps for one-way information & calendaring, and leverage various social channels. In addition to school-wide communication, teachers also rely on classroom communication apps in addition to using behavior management & tracking tools. There are a lot of tools available to educators today.

Parent Communication App

However, what has happened, especially during the past two years, is that many educators and families found themselves overwhelmed by so many tools being used to facilitate communication and instruction. Reflecting on this experience, we need to consider what we have learned as a result. Are we using too many apps? How can we all benefit from implementing a modern, centralized communication system?

By having one platform, we can help families who experienced frustration due to having many places to navigate, websites and apps to be aware of, and calendars to manage in order to support their children’s academic life. Having a unified space helps with this frustration and it is a better way to support social-emotional learning (SEL) for students and families.

Beyond communicating with students, their families, and the school community, we also need to consider the benefits of having a centralized space for other school activities and staff. For example, for students involved in sports teams, extracurricular clubs & organizations, or for younger students, families may need to arrange before/after school care. We also need to provide access to relevant school board information, PTO events, summer programs, and support services provided by the school. There is so much information and deciding how to effectively and consistently distribute it all is important. Finding the right platform that facilitates all of this and more is essential for today’s schools and the families who rely on them.

How do we choose the best platform for our students, teachers, and families?

With so many options available, we need to consider the features of the platform and what makes the most sense for schools and families. We need to focus on supporting the whole child and keeping families informed about what is happening in the classroom which will provide them with access to more information in real-time. However, it needs to be unified, streamlined, and centralized in one space. And a key to this is unified communication. What does that mean?

It’s not having just one feature that is a standout rather it is having a variety of options within that one space. It replaces the need for so many apps and tools and makes it easier for teachers and families to stay connected. Families have access to information regarding student behaviors and absences and administrators are able to provide information to families in real-time. It is about the consolidation of the information which goes beyond using other communication tools like Remind or Seesaw because Bloomz solves more than one problem. Bloomz is a parent communication app that can be used for communication, it boosts family engagement in learning, and provides teachers with many more options for truly connecting home to school and involving families in the student learning experience.

Providing the best choice for families and students

When used with schools, Bloomz facilitates school-wide communication. Schools and families can communicate in ways that meet their preferences because it is focused on individual parent needs. It provides a choice for how they get their information (SMS text, email, and voice) in an easy-to-navigate platform that is fully available on any device. When thinking about accessibility, Bloomz offers robust and automatic language translation which helps to make sure that all families are receiving the message in the language that meets their specific needs.

Bloomz offers translation in more than 100 languages.

What does Bloomz offer in its Centralized Communication System?

What makes it the right choice is that it supports all the different types of communication that need to happen in schools. It offers 1:1 communication, group and classroom communication, and school and district communication. Beyond using it for the classroom space, other school groups can use the platform to communicate information about clubs and sports team events, PTO events, groups of staff members, and even bus routes. Bloomz is also the perfect choice for childcare communication.

Schools and teachers can send urgent messages as needed and have the capability to override user notification rules when information is critical. Being able to share information in a timely manner and knowing that the messages are being received and read is critical and Bloomz makes this all possible. It also has the capability of sharing messages on social media networks and websites.

Beyond communication, Bloomz has behavior management rewarding, flagging & tracking behaviors (both positive & negative) with support for administrative referrals and administrative-level/behavior team data & analytic reporting. Rather than needing to use a separate app or an entire system, Bloomz provides everything in one space.

Why Bloomz makes it easier to stay connected

Bloomz makes it easier to provide and have access to the essential information shared between school and home. It is a single access point for all types of communication that needs to happen between all stakeholders in our school community. Parents that may have children in different grade levels and buildings across the district will be confident and supported knowing that they will have access to information in a simplified and streamlined way.

When it comes to school, we know there are many activities that students are involved in, academic and athletic events happening, and arrangements that might need to be scheduled on a calendar. Bloomz offers coordination tools for calendaring & synchronization, forced reminders, volunteer signups, and conference/office hour/tutor scheduling. Having all of this within one unified space makes it easier for families to stay in the know and to feel more connected to and supported by the school and school community.

For schools, it is cost-effective because there are so many tools available within Bloomz that it eliminates the need to purchase many tools that have overlapping functionality. It promotes equitable access for all school community members and helps to increase participation in school events. Because schools can track whether the message has been received and read by each recipient, they can take action to make sure that everyone has the information they need.

Alerts through Bloomz

Rather than having mass notifications coming in from a variety of different apps and spaces, it is a modern way to have conversations and engage in a dialogue that enables schools to create a true community between home and school.

The entire school community benefits by having a consistent and efficient program in place that meets the needs and preferences of each of its members. Check out Bloomz today to build your home-to-school community by visiting

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