Promoting access and safety with Invzbl

Promoting access and safety with Invzbl

Over the past two years of shifting between virtual, hybrid and in-person instruction and even remote work for many people, greater demands have been placed on the devices that we use. Learning and working took place in new settings. In some places, a lack of devices led to the sharing of devices and so much reliance on these devices led to faster wear and tear. As a classroom teacher, having working devices for each student is essential to make sure that all students are able to participate in the learning experiences we provide. Many times I’ve had students unable to participate in an activity because the device is not working or the device is away being repaired. So how do we deal with these challenges? Invzbl has the solution.

How does it work?

Invzbl has UV-C high-capacity disinfection cabinets which enables larger quantities of devices to be cleaned in just 3 minutes. Imagine having three minutes between classes, in the current educational setting, taking the time to collect and clean each student’s device if they are using a classroom set. Instruction time is lost because of the extra time required to complete these multiple steps for all students. With Invizbl, students can place the devices into the cabinet as they leave the class. When the next class arrives, students remove the sanitized devices which are ready for immediate use without the loss of any additional time during class.

If you’re wondering what this cabinet looks like, well, it looks like an oven. It has 13 racks and can hold more than 50 iPads or tablets, 13 open computers or more than 100 phones. The cabinet cleans them all at the same time within just three minutes and has an effectiveness of 99.999 % disinfection. All of this is available for an average cost per use of roughly $0.03. It fits perfectly in my classroom and takes no time at all to set up and use. Providing students with clean, safe devices is essential.

Finally a solution: Protect Express

Even more than just having devices, we needed access to working and clean devices. Over the course of two years, educators and students experienced challenges when it came to being able to connect online. Whether due to devices breaking, waiting for repairs, wondering where the device is in the queue and when it would be returned, time was lost. Invzbl helps with this challenge through their partnership with FedEx, and their device protection as a service solution with Protect Express.

Through Protect Express, schools can rely on fast turnaround time for repairs and cleaning. Devices are picked up, repaired, cleaned and disinfected. Throughout the process, the devices are fully trackable which is a big relief when it comes to wondering when students or teachers or anyone in school might have a fully functional device returned.

There have been many times where students have been without a netbook because they were awaiting its repair and do not have access to a loaner device. The biggest question has been what happens when working from home or working in our classrooms and the device breaks? We need to be able to rely on efficient service so the learning process and instructional time is not negatively impacted.

Protect Express is great for K through 12 education. With the partnership of Invzbl and FedEx, repairing and sanitizing the devices takes far less time and with greater reliability. It is more cost-effective because it relies on FedEx which is known for its speed, making the transportation of devices between schools or home and the facility where the repairing and cleaning takes place possible within a few days. Now, students and schools are not waiting for weeks or even months to have the devices returned. With real-time tracking, you can tell exactly where the device is and when it will be back ready to use in the classroom or in the home again.

What this means for learning

Because of this partnership with Protect Express, schools can expect a reduction in device downtime. Students will be able to participate more fully than they have been in the past which resulted due to an extended amount of time required for repairs. In classrooms, students and teachers worked around the lack of working devices as best as they could while waiting for repairs or loaner devices. However, now, the time spent waiting is greatly reduced along with having the security of knowing exactly where the device is in the repair and cleaning process and when it will be available for use. Educators will benefit from being better able to provide students with access to functioning and clean devices.

Learn more here via CBS Austin interview with Invzbl CEO Chuck Morrison.

Learn more about Protect Express and all that Invzbl offers:

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