New ideas: App Smashing with Buncee and Wakelet!

There are a lot of great digital tools and technology devices out there that really do help teachers who are creating a blended learning environment, whether or not that was their intention or if it’s just a matter of circumstance. Buncee has been a great choice for my classroom for many years!

It keeps getting better! There are so many great possibilities for using Buncee in the classroom. Over the last couple of months, there have been some great new features added, including being able to create in augmented reality! This new feature has been great for the students in my STEAM class who have been creating with Buncee all year and are now learning about augmented and virtual reality. The Buncee team also continues to add so many new stickers, animations and 3D objects that it really does make creating a lot of fun. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating with Buncee and even better, there are other tools that Buncee integrates with, which helps teachers to really focus on using a few tools that do a lot.

Earlier this year, Buncee and Wakelet teamed up which brought a lot of excitement for many educators out there who were already using both of these awesome tools. Now it just got even better! If you have been looking for an opportunity to do some app smashing, now is your chance. There are Wakelet community stickers available from within the media library on Buncee. Just look for the Wakelet category and you’ll see combinations of Wakelet and Buncee stickers together! If you are a fan of Wakelet, now’s your opportunity to combine these fantastic tools again and create a bunsy to share with other educators. Check out a few of these examples from Twitter.

Love this one from Ide Koulbanis!

Or this one from Joy McLean

And here is one from Deb Zeman!

And don’t just stop there, you can also try some app smashing with using Buncee and Flipgrid in your classroom. Explore the Discovery library and select from some of the many topics to plan some truly authentic opportunities for students to create and share their learning in a variety of ways. With all of these tools, we can use them to create and share content with our students and provide better ways to engage students in learning. What I love about these tools is that we can use them in a variety of learning environments, whether in-person, hybrid or fully virtual. They also enable us to work with small groups of students or use them in station rotations for example.

When it comes to Buncee, students can find exactly what they’re looking for and add in audio or video or any 3D objects, emojis, animations and more that they choose. Buncee can be used with all grade levels and content areas. Getting started is easy with thousands of ready-made templates available in their library as well as their ideas lab. With us shifting between learning spaces, it makes sense to have tools in place that enable us to do that. Buncee is one that I have recommended to many educators for this exact purpose.

And don’t forget to use Buncee for so much more! There are truly endless possibilities! Laurie Guyon creates activities for each month, here is November! I love creating my social media graphics and Twitter chat question cards with it! Check out a recent question for #EdAdventures chat.

Another fantastic idea, virtual parent-teacher conferences! Look at this one from Cheryl Graff!

Check Buncee out today and don’t hesitate to reach out to their team with any questions or even take part in their daily live training. They have Buncee 101 on Wednesdays and Fridays and Buncee 102 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you’re looking to just get started then I recommend the Buncee 101. If you’re looking for more ideas and how to share activities then definitely check out the Buncee 102.

And there’s still time to join in the Buncee gratitude activities that are going on. Check out the daily #Bunceegratitude prompts and share your Buncee to the Buncee board and see what everyone else has posted that they are grateful for. The board code is r693bh. Don’t miss out today!

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